An unconventional method of aids prevention in Kenya

How did you get educated about sexual transmission of HIV?

On my way to the bus station in Nairobi I came across this gentleman on the picture. At first sight I thought he was performing street art with regular balloons. But then I found out he was using condoms and that’s when I realised he explained the people how to use condoms properly. Educating people about safe sex is an important part of HIV and other sexual diseases prevention in Kenya. Nevertheless, such education remains controversial in the country. Many people are against the promotion of condoms because they fear that it encourages young people to have sex.

Kenya is one of the most affected countries by HIV in the world.

In 2016, there were an estimated 62,000 new HIV infections in the country. In total, 1.6 million people are infected with HIV across the country which is 5.4% of the overall population. Although awareness of HIV and AIDS is comparatively high in Kenya, many people living with HIV face high levels of stigma and discrimination which prevent people accessing HIV services.

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